Patrick M.

Hi John,

The casino night was very well received by all that attended. We ended up with 60 actual attendees (15 no shows). The casino party tables were fully attended all night; in fact several commented that the dealers were so good they just weren’t up to leaving the table. We had a couple of people specifically say how much they liked a dealer named Dick, who was at one of the blackjack tables. It was nice to see that for the most part, everyone was huddled around the casino party tables playing or watching, and almost none at the tables we set-up for socializing.

Blaine was on-time, set-up went very smooth, and he had everything ready 45 minutes before start time; and I believe all the dealers were there by 7:30….so logistics wise, they were spot on.

And the weather ended up being great. Rain stopped around 5:45, and we ended up with a bit of a breeze that was nice. So the house definitely won weather-wise.

Thank you John for working with us as the headcount fell short of our initial estimate, and watching the weather with us closely the 48 hours leading up to start time.