Frequently Asked Questions

Your proposal is over my budget and/or available space is limited, what is the price if you drop X table(s)?

The most efficient way to solve this, is for you to provide your budget and/or the available square footage for the casino tables. My Casino Party Rentals page includes the approximate size of each table. I will provide the best selection of tables that will fit within your budget and space requirements.

Can we reduce the number of tables? I have other forms of entertainment; casino tables are just a small addition; only some guests will play; etc.

Absolutely! My proposals typically include only partial coverage. This percentage is listed on the first page, within the “package” section of my proposals. Ideal coverage is about 70%, with a recommended minimum coverage of 50%. If you desire less than 50% coverage, even with other available forms of entertainment or activities, your guests may experience frustration trying to find an open table at which to play. Extremely low coverage may require that you meter and control access to the “casino area”; or that we only provide chips to guests at the gaming tables, and win or lose, the guests leave any of their remaining chips at that table. Otherwise, the tables may run out of chips as guests step away with their chips, and are then unable to find another open table. They end up putting their chips down somewhere else at the event, and never go back to the full tables.

When there are too few casino tables and playing positions, your guests will have no choice but to find something else to do at your event. So, although it may appear that you have booked adequate coverage for your casino party, unless you are gathering and receiving feedback specifically about the casino entertainment from your guests, you will be unaware that the number of casino table playing positions was inadequate.

Can we add or swap for poker tables?

Yes we can! However, unless you’re organizing a poker tournament, I recommend only one poker table per 100 guests. Poker is a great game, but requires more intimate and detailed knowledge of play strategy than most other casino games. Poker is more readily available locally in pubs, bars, restaurants, and home games. Regular poker players often have other opportunities to play. This event offers an opportunity for you and your guests to experience unique games that are only accessible at a casino.

Can we adjust the number of tables and/or casino game choices? I’m working with a budget and/or have space limitations. Can we remove/change a game (e.g., Craps), because it’s confusing or intimidating. etc.?

Yes! We can absolutely provide what you need for your event. If you have a budget or space limitations, please include this information with your casino party proposal request. This will make the process of revising your proposal much more efficient. We are also happy to provide the games you prefer, and will accommodate special requests as best as possible. Regarding removing games, again we will accommodate your needs. However, a game like Craps may seem intimidating and/or complicated, but my dealers will welcome and engage your guests, explain the rules, and ensure that all are having a great time. This is an opportunity for you and your guests to experience the unique and exciting game of Craps, that is otherwise only available in a casino.

A casino theme party was recommended for my fundraiser. This will be my first time. How does it work, and how much will I raise?

This question is difficult to answer, especially if this is a first time casino themed fundraiser. If you’ve hosted fundraisers in the past, I would expect at least, if not more than what you’ve raised in the past. This is also very dependent on how well the event is promoted and attended. Since casino entertainment is unique, exciting, and more engaging due to it’s interactive nature, these types of events are usually well attended. The casino entertainment is more of an attraction, and a secondary source of fundraising, with silent auction being the primary source of fundraising. The casino games attract your guests, providing more exposure to your auction items. This model works extremely well. After booking my services, I will help you with some creative ideas and details on how to make your fundraiser event a success.

I’m calling to get an idea of pricing. How much do your tables cost? Can you itemize the cost per table? I only want equipment with no dealers, or dealers only, etc.

The most efficient way to check pricing and availability is by using my quote request form to submit your request. I often respond with a detailed proposal within a few minutes, but ask for a couple days at most. If we were to speak on the phone, I will ask you for all of the information requested on this form. I need all of this information to determine pricing, and recommend a package or selection of tables for your event. There is no itemized pricing, and I only offer full service – dealers and equipment. There are many fixed costs to provide my services, so as you add tables to a package, the price per table will drop.